Short and feature length films.
3D and VFX
From film, television and advertising to its application in info-architecture, photography or design, 3D and Visual Effects are ever more present in our culture.
DCP programming, the digital projection format for theaters. Trailers (150 €), commercials (100 €), shorts (250€) and features (850 €).

About us

Moviement Films S.L. was born in mid-2009 with the goal of developing my personal fiction projects in the fields of film and television. After incurring in the world of short and feature filmmaking, as well as advertising, I recently acquired a growing interest in 3D and Digital Visual Effects, some of which works I have also posted here although I do not consider myself a professional 3D artist.

Currently, I am developing two television projects that are in selling and writing stages, respectively: Mastermind , a drama for American television developed in collaboration with a Los Angeles-based producer, and Gappo’s Legacy, a science-fiction to come out as TV series and videogame, and a comic prequel.

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