Gappo's Legacy 2017


The video is a highlight of our presentation of the Gappo's Legacy VR Demo with the HTC Vive headset at the Salón del Cine y las Series 2017, Barcelona.

Gappo's Legacy is a science fiction project in development to be distributed in television, comic, and VR game. Its universe revolves around the television show, of which the comic is a prequel and the VR game a first-person experience.

The characters and story of this transmedia universe are set in a future time two centuries ahead and in a strip of desert land known as Kafke. There, intelligent conscious machines, known as makinæ, have been repudiated and condemned by humanity to coexist with technological pirates who enslave and smuggle them. 

In Gappo's Legacy VR the character-player is a human who travels to Kafke and in seeing the makinæ's harsh reality decides to join the Makina Resistance Army to fight the pirates.

Made in bibtic